When you see a picture of a duck online and you’ve been wanting a duck for a long time so you purchase the duck and the duck website says it’ll arrive in 2 months and WILL BE a duck and you check your doorstep one day and see a box that says “duck” on it but when you open it up you find a chicken, you’re gonna be kind of mad. But also, chickens are cool too, so hey.

This was the case with Fallout 76 this year, although ducks and chickens are a lot more approachable than Deathclaws and…

I’d like to mention at the start of this story that I’m a lifelong fan of the Pokémon franchise. Whether it’s the main series games, the anime, the trading cards, I’ve had points in my life where I was obsessed with anything and everything Pokémon.

When I was a kid, I would watch the Pokémon anime in the morning while getting ready for school and would usually end up being late. …

Well, you read the title. You can guess where this is heading. I know that disliking things just because they’re popular has become a trend in today’s society, but believe me when I say that’s not what led to my disdain for Rockstar’s latest release, Red Dead Redemption 2.

Drowning in Hype

What’s better than playing video games? Playing video games for free! If you’re like me, you like to know what you’re truly getting before you make a purchase. Some may call it being cheap, I like to call it being “price-conscious”.

When it comes to Overwatch, not all heroes are created equal. With a roster of now 30 characters to choose from, each with their own unique playstyle, it can be difficult for new players to decide which one is worth sinking their time into. Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer who’s just picked up the controller, let's talk about which hero you should be playing.

Head to the Practice Range

With Halloween right around the corner, Splatoon 2’s helping us get into the spooky spirit with a special version of their well-known community event, Splatfest. Whether you’re a veteran squid kid or looking to learn the art of inking, we’ll be going over everything you need to know for this upcoming Splatfest.

What is Splatoween?

Marvel’s Spider-Man is officially out for PlayStation 4. You’re either a fanboy like me and got it this weekend, maybe you’re saving up to buy it, maybe you’re gonna wait for it to go on sale, or maybe you don’t care about a Spider-Man video game at all. Regardless, the hype surrounding this game is undeniable.

The Puddlegate Controversy

Accused of being just another “Minecraft Clone,” Portal Knights has been fighting to gain the attention of gamers and stand out among the plethora of crafting-with-blocks games that reside on Steam.

Now on its way from Early Access to a full release, the game has evolved into a more robust experience, offering RPG elements, special in-game events, and consistent updates to the game world from developer Keen Games. While it’s evident that PK borrows much of its crafting formula from the beloved Mojang/Microsoft title, it also manages to create a unique identity for itself and its universe.


Justin Fernandez

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